About Bear

Bear provides enterprises with support for their management, reorganization, market repositioning and business development activities and prepares strategic Business Plans for their strategic development.

We dedicate particular attention to a:
  • Innovating the products or services offered.
  • Opening new markets.
  • Using and enhancing the company's existing human and material resources.
  • Reviewing the internal and external company processes using the IT system as link and facilitator.

Expertise: In addition to our own experience acquired in complex and international businesses we also make use of specialists where necessary. This means that we are able to build knowledge and skill networks at the highest level very quickly in our sectors of intervention, thanks to our own network of tried and tested specialists.

Know-how: Experience in company reorganization and repositioning projects is behind every new intervention and great care and attention is focussed on the human aspects for managing change in organiza-tions where change is not usual.

Creativity: The best ideas are not always on the same shelf: at times they may come from outside or from other experiences, and at others from innovating concepts and ideas already present but dormant inside the company. What is important is to get used to assessing several points of view so as to grasp what is new and original.

Determination: We never let difficulties get in the way of an initiative; they are only the variables which not even "perfect" plans can foresee. Facing them and overcoming them is the path which leads to success.

Incisiveness: Competitive advantage derives from the creation of skills and abilities which are distinct from those of the competition and market and from supporting them over time. The first thing that has to be done is to distinguish the things that are important to do, and pursue them with decision and speed.

Adaptability: There is no single path or route to reach an objective in a rough landscape or in the sea. Experience allows us to choose the best path every day, but especially to look at the center of the target and not at the arm pulling the bowstring.