Complete turnaround of entire companies or divisions, with the application of change management methodologies.

Management of Business Divisions or entire Companies, for predetermined periods and for the purpose of achieving agreed objectives.

Devising, organizing and managing projects for change:
  • Reorganization of internal and external processes with considerable use of IT systems to facilitate change and increase efficiency, effectiveness and the full use of the skills already in place in the company and which can be enhanced.
  • Strategic repositioning in the marketplace, hinging on the redefinition of the products or services offered, on the opening of new markets, on the establishment of new relationships with leading customers, and on the management of the complexity of relationships in markets subject to many influences.
  • Management of projects for launching new products or services, including the management of relations for patents or trademarks.
  • Remapping of the roles, tasks and responsibilities of human resources on the basis of the aims of the reorganization project. Management of plans for the integration, rotation and replacement of human resources.

Start-up of new companies or divisions, with an organic approach focussed on new business. Often the business already exists and has already been defined, but the creation of a specially dedicated structure is indispensable for accelerating its development.

Development and launching of reorganization and repositioning projects following strategic benchmarking against companies who are competitors or similar because of the specific nature of their processes.

Drawing up strategic Business Plans, in correspondence with reorganization, repositioning and relaunch projects. Reviews of business plans already developed from the industrial commercial feasibility points of view on behalf of third parties (investors, merchant banks).

Management of technical-commercial relations with foreign customers: definition of the contact procedures, management of relations, and drawing up of complex projects of great value.

Management of the technical-commercial relations with research institutes (Enea, for example), for the coordinated study of innovative solutions for the most varied applications.